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Hear experiences that people have had with Jesus, Hell, or God's eternal kingdom in heaven; whether by vision, dreams, or spiritual visitation. Receive a divine revelation of Heaven and Hell. God wants you to go to Heaven and escape the fires of Hell. This page contains: MP3 Mary Kathryn Baxter Divine Revelation of Hell, Heaven is so Real by Choo Thomas, The Final Quest MP3 and text by Rick Joyner, Bill Wiese 23 Minutes in Hell MP3, Pilgrim Progress by John Bunyan (MP3 and Text), Free Audio MP3 Bible, Jesus Christ Resources, Christian End Time Prophecy Book, information on Perdition, Temptation, Wrath and damnation, God's Messiah Yeshua. Other Topics: inferno fire, religion and spirituality encounters, Testimony of Afterlife, Death, NDE, Angels and Demons, We discuss Spiritual Warfare, Dreams and Visions.
Hear the Father's Love Letter (Free Mp3 download also available). Other material from the Father's Love Letter website: Journey Home Video and Mp3,  Dancing In Daddy's Arms (Music Video and Mp3),  Father Loves You  (Music Mp3 and Video),  and MORE.
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See "The Lazarus Phenomenon- The Movie" (part 1) The
Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie was produced by Johan Sturm of Eternal
Productions, USA, of www.eternalproductions.com to explain the phenomenon of
Near Death Experiences to a world wide audience. The movie starts with a
dramatisation of the Lazarus and the Rich Man in Luke 16, vv 19 - 31, as told by
Jesus Christ, and recorded by Dr Luke in his Gospel. The special effects in this
section of the movie of both Heaven and Hell are amazing.
The movie then turns to the true story of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu in Nigeria who
was raised from the dead after 3 days. Pastor Daniel died after a road traffic
accident. His body was in a mortuary for 3 days, and he came back to life at a
crusade conducted by Pastor Reinhardt Bonnke. He still has his death certificate,
written by a hospital doctor. In the movie he recounts his experiences, with
amazing computer generated images of both Heaven and Hell.

See "The Lazarus Phenomenon - The Movie" (part 2)
The movie then concludes with the true story of Ian McCormack who we now work
closely with. Ian died in Mauritius for 15 minutes in a hospital Emergency Room,
after five separate stings from deadly dangerous box-jelly fish. Ian met Jesus Christ
after death, and was transported to both Heaven and Hell. Ian McCormack is
personally interviewed in the movie, and his story is filmed on the exact locations in
Mauritius. Since this event, over 20 years ago, Ian has travelled without ceasing to
many countries, recounting his personal testimony of life after death, and the
existence of both Heaven and Hell.

See "The Final Frontier - The Movie"
This documentary movie, The Final Frontier, investigates the extraordinary and
fascinating phenomenon of Near Death Experiences. The movie investigates,
explains, and gives objective answers, to this astonishing phenomenon.
This movie records the experiences of individuals who have clinically died, and
who crossed the Final Frontier of death, but returned to life to tell their amazing life
changing experiences.
In this movie, patients who have been resuscitated following life threatening events
document their experiences of Heaven and Hell, and also their encounters with
Jesus Christ.
This documentary movie will open your eyes to a world beyond death, and may
dramatically change your life here on Earth, and also in Eternity.
(Visit Dr Richard Kent's website at: http://www.finalfrontier.org.uk)

See "The Prayer" - Gospel Music Video (with Donnie

See "GREAT IS YOUR MERCY" (Donnie McClurkin -
Gospel Music)

See "HOLY HOLY HOLY" - Gospel Music (Donnie

See "Shirley Caesar, Yolanda Adams, & Donnie
McClurkin- Medley"

See "It's Supernatural: HER SON DIED IN A CAR
(Retha MacPherson)

See "Its Supernatural - VISITATION TO HELL WITH
(Mary Kathryn Baxter)

See "It's Supernatural: THE JOY OF THE LORD AND
(Rodney Howard Browne)

See "It's Supernatural - JESUS REVEALED HIMSELF
(Faisal Malik)

See "Allan Rich's Testimony: 6 Months To Live"

See "I Saw Jesus Christ"

See "My Out Of The Body Experience"

See "My Power To See Ghosts, Spirits, Auras"

See "Praying Children"

See "A Generation Of Praying Children"

See "THANK YOU LORD!" (Music Video)

See "Watch And Pray"

See "VICTORY" (Music Video)

See "The Battle is the Lord's" (Music Video)

See "Father's Love Letter"

See "Father Loves You" (Music Video)

See "Dancing in Daddy's Arms" (Music Video)

See "My True Father"

See "Journey Home to Love"

See "23 Minutes in Hell"

See "A Glimpse of Eternity"

See "God's Wrath"

See many great Gospel Movies on Trinity
Broadcasting Network (TBN)... You can view them
online or download them for free.

- The China Cry
- Carman - Missions 3:16
- Kathryn Kuhlman
- To Hell And Back
- Carman Hymns
- The Revolutionary
(The life of Jesus based on the Gospels)

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